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The oxygen concentrator type 10 produces 93% pure oxygen for up to 3 Triton systems


Triton is designed with the patented VPOD technology. The unit can be mounted directly to the wall of a water silo. The system circulates over the silo to increase the oxygen level. This is done by a special silo mixing technique, which ensures that the entire silo is fully treated within moments.

Vacuum Pressure Oxygen Dissolving > VPOD


The Triton is equipped with a stainless steel pump that draws water from the silo and forces it through the VPOD reactor under high pressure. The oxygenated water with nanobubbles is then pumped back into the silo to treat the entire silo in a short time via the special silo mixing technique.


The Triton system is assembled on a mounting panel that can be fastened to the wall of a water silo with supplied mounting brackets. The supply and drain pipes go over the edge to the bottom of the silo.


The Triton is delivered plug and play including all mounting materials.


The Triton's built-in controller controls the VPOD process and can regulate the oxygen dosage in various ways:

  • Based on external start/stop signal

  • Based on built-in timer

  • Based on optional dissolved oxygen measurement


The Triton can increase the oxygen level in the water using outside air or via pure oxygen from an oxygen concentrator.


The oxygen concentrator is of industrial quality with built-in oil-free compressor and can supply oxygen up to 3 Triton systems.



Triton is applicable for the following applications:

  • Drainwater silos

  • Daily supply silos

  • Rainwater silos

  • Underground silos

  • Water basins of DFT systems

  • Rainwater basins

The Triton is suitable for frost-free outdoor installation


Triton 2.1364.png

Silo content
Daily refreshment rate
Power supply
Silo mixing flow rate
Power Triton
Power O2 concentrator
Oxygen concentration
Oxygen flow

: <400m3

: 650m3/dag

: 230V

: 40m³/h

: 0,9kWh

: 0,35kWh

: 93%

: 2-5lpm

Combined oxygen concentrator


  • Best quality

  • Highest efficiency

  • Lowest price




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