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Nanobubbles in water

Oxygen in water is an essential element to optimise plant growth in any type of cultivation system. Water quality in cultivation systems has become increasingly important in recent years, several studies and field experiences have shown that better water quality contributes to crop health, better crop yields and less wastage.

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The benefits of Nanobubbels:

  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Improves root development

  • Reduces stress in the plant

  • Better resistance to environmental factors

  • Reduce disease pressure in your cultivation system

  • Reduces biofilm problems in pipes

  • Stimulates positive bacteria and fungi

  • Reduces negative disease-causing bacteria and fungi

  • Reduces the presence of root exudates

  • Reduces organic pollution in the water system

  • Reduces the use of plant protection products


  • Best quality

  • Highest efficiency

  • Lowest price


The technology VPOD nano

Vacuum Pressure Oxygen Disolving Nano (VPOD), is a completely new simplified and patented way to dissolve oxygen in water and create nanobubbles. Combining more than 25 years of experience in oxygen technology with 15 years of experience in water treatment for greenhouse horticulture, ceated the new VPOD technologie.

Vacumed oxygen molecules are mixed at a balanced ratio in a pressurised water stream, resulting in a water stream with a very high stable oxygen content combined with a countless level of invisible free-floating nanobubbles.


O2Solutions' unique design prevents nanobubbles from collapsing into larger bubbles and disappearing from the water, a common problem.

The oxygen required is produced locally by an industrial oxygen concentrator

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The systems

Hydrophonic Plantation at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.jpg

O2Solutions has developed 2 different systems that are suitable for greenhouse farming.


Triton is designed to be mounted directly to the wall of a water silo, the system circulates over the silo to increase the oxygen level, this is done by a special silo mixing technique so the entire silo is fully treated within moments.

Artemis is designed as a standalone unit for higher flows, it can circulate independently over silos or in parallel with a watering system and is equipped with its own oxygen concentrator.

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