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Artemis is designed with the patented VPOD technology. The unit is constructed from a plug-and-play stainless steel frame for stand-alone installation in the irrigation room.

The Artemis can be connected to silos, water basins or circulate in bypass along with the existing water system.

Vacuum Pressure Oxygen Dissolving > VPOD

Simple innovation

The Artemis is equipped with a stainless steel pump that draws water and forces it through the VPOD reactor under high pressure. The oxygenated water containing nanobubbles is pumped back and returned to the water system via a pressure diffuser plate to be placed in the field.


The Artemis system is assembled on stainless steel frame equipped with all fittings and electrical controls. The connections are fitted with a non-return valve and shut-off valves.


Supply and drain pipes are at the back and fitted with flange connections.


The Artemis' built-in controller controls the VPOD process and can regulate the oxygen dosage in various ways:

  • Based on external start/stop signal

  • Based on built-in timer

  • Based on optional dissolved oxygen measurement


The Artemis features a built-in oxygen concentrator with built-in oil-free compressor. 



  • Best quality

  • Highest efficiency

  • Lowest price



The Artemis is applicable for the following applications:


  • Hydroponics cultivation systems

  • Various water silos

  • DFT water basins

  • Irrigation systems

  • Rainwater basins

  • Larger water systems

  • Algae and biofilm prevention



Artemis 35

Flow rate 

Power supply 


Oxygen concentration

Oxygen flow

: 35m³/h

: 400V

: 2,5 kWh

: 93%

: 5lpm

Artemis 60

Flow rate 

Power supply 


Oxygen concentration

Oxygen flow

: 60m³/h

: 400V

: 4,5 kWh

: 93%

: 10lpm

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